The coronavirus outbreak has troubled every person across the world by restricting them to their homes, making them take several safety measures while going out, maintaining social distancing and every other COVID-19 strict norm, but for a 38-year old Briton named Jimmy, it’s a bit different.

For the man from Stoke-on-Trent, the coronavirus outbreak is slightly different from others because of his surname, Korona, which sounds almost like the word that people hate ever since its introduction to the world.

Jimmy Korona, told the Mirror website that he didn’t ever face any problem with his surname before COVID-19 happened, but now is not taken seriously by many people when he tells his last name. This has eventually led Korona to take his identity cards to almost every place he visits, as proof to show people.
Korona also had to show his id during his child’s birth, as the hospital staff didn’t reportedly believe his surname and thought that he’s doing a prank.

“Nobody can believe my name is Korona with the coronavirus pandemic about. People down the pub come up and say that they can’t believe my name is Korona. Nobody believes me apart from those that I’ve known for years,” Korona was quoted as saying by the Mirror website.

He added, “So I show them my bank card or passport to prove that’s my name, and it’s always been my name. It feels weird hearing my name everywhere. It just feels dead strange hearing your name being said over and over.”

Korona expressed, “It’s a name that nobody else has really got, not like a Smith or a Davies, and now it’s all over the news, in all the papers and on the radio every day. It’s crazy.”

Korona who also faced difficulties while receiving product deliveries said, “Thankfully nobody has refused to do the deliveries thinking it’s a joke but when they arrive they do ask if the name is right or have they heard it wrong.”

“It’s crazy the amount of effort I have to go through just to prove my name is real,” added Korona.

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