Angels and demons – Lucifer: The Fallen Angel

Lucifer: The Fallen Angel

Lucifer: In the world’s dawn God created the heavens and therefore the earth on the second day. On the exact same day God created the Angels, Archangels and Cherubim and these heavenly creatures would inhabit the heavens. The renowned Gabriel and Michael were among these magnificent beings.

But there was yet another entity who stood out due to his beauty and splendor known as Lucifer. He was the most important creature God had ever created. Although he had numerous qualities or perhaps thanks to that. Lucifer was taken by pride. This is often the vice that results in arrogance, vanity and endless haughtiness.

Pride was one of the seven deadly sins. The proud, he considered himself to be so perfect that he decided to create his own throne placed even above God. Since he wished to be like God. To accomplish his plan, the evil angel deceived the other angels around him. Therefore, the father of falsehood had by his side a third of the angelic beings who inhabited the heavens.

Together they would unleash a battle for heaven but Lucifer encountered an outstanding opponent. Arc-angel Michael, who commanded the heavenly militia of God loving angels. To defeat the Lord’s angels, he turned himself into a mighty dragon and dueled against Michael, who wielded a flaming sword notwithstanding. All his might the dragon did not defeat Michael.

Since the latter had God by his side, he and his evil angels were banished from heaven. These angels fell on the earth and were trapped in hell but Lucifer endured even greater punishment. He once the most beautiful angel was transformed into the heinous Satan. Lucifer and his fallen angel started to live in hell but although defeated Satan still wanted to avenge himself against his creator.

Lucifer’s Revenge on God

While decided to attack God’s greatest creation humanity itself, which had been created, in the image and likeness of God. A serpent shaped Satan entered the Garden of Eden and convinced the innocent Eve to taste the forbidden fruit. Using his deceitful tongue Lucifer concatenated the original sin which caused Adam and Eve to be driven out of paradise.

After that Satan would devote all his efforts to alienate men from God, turning them into sinners. So that they failed to reach paradise. Lucifer the fallen angel rejected God’s grace and therefore will spend eternity trying to destroy his work.

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