In 2017, United Arab Emirates (UAE) had announced its plan to set up colony on Mars within the next 100 years and the oil-rich Gulf nation has now hired architects to realise its ambitious dream.

UAE has hired some world-class architects to recreate a Martian city in the desert outside Dubai. The Mars Science City was intended as a field for Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) in Dubai to develop the technology which can help in setting up colonies on Mars in the future. It was earmarked to cover 176,000 square metres and cost approximately $135 million.

The UAE government then hired architects Bjarke Ingels Group to design a prototype of a city suitable for sustaining life on Mars and then adapt the protoype for use in DUbai’s desert.

It is to be noted that the atmosphere of Mars is much thinner than Earth’s and the Red Planet also lacks global magnetic field. The is a marked difference between the temperature of Mars and Earth and the architects designing the prototype of the Martian city will have to keep all these things in mind while designing the one-ofa-kind model.

According to Bjarke Ingels Group, the Martian city would be made up of pressurised biodomes and a transparent polyethylene membrane will be used to cover each biodomes. It is learnt that each biodome will be filled of Oxygen, made by applying electricity to underground ice.

As the population on the Red Planet grows, the biodomes would be joined together to form villages and these villages will ultimately lead to the formation of cities in the shape of rings, or “toruses.”

Solar energy will be used to power and heat the city. The thin atmosphere would help in the domes maintaining their temperature.

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