Amid the rising coronavirus COVID-19 cases across the world, farmers in this Asian nation has deployed a floral-shirted scarecrow with a plastic pot to ward off the deadly virus.

Known as “Ting Mong” in Khmer, these scarecrows are often seen in villages that have been hard-hit by infectious diseases like dengue.

Cambodians are strongly attached to animism and the practice is incorporated into the daily lives and rituals of Cambodians. It is to be noted that majority of Cambodians believe that spirits are tied to places, animals and things.

The Cambodians believe that Ting Mongs can ward off evil spirits wishing to bring harm on people by spreading disease.

In several villages, these scarecrows are tied to the gate of nearly every home. Some of these scarecrows are dressed in military uniform, while some are sproting floral pyjamas.

It is to be noted that Cambodia has not been affected much by coronavirus outbreak as it recorded only 283 cases and no deaths. Sceptics, however, claim that the lack of testing may be the reason behind low toll of COVID-19 in Cambodia.

Cambodia is a Southeast Asian nation and its capital city is Phnom Penh. Cambodian capital is home to the art deco Central Market, glittering Royal Palace and the National Museum’s historical and archaeological exhibits. 

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