Taiwan on Thursday warned China for flying fighter jets into its airspace asking Beijing to not cross the line, the second time in two days. Taking to micro-blogging site Twitter, Taiwan Vice President Lai Ching-te said that Chinese jets ‘again’ flew into Taiwan’s air defence identification zone on Thursday. He also stated ‘make no mistake, Taiwan wants peace but we will defend our people’.

“Don’t cross the line. China again flew fighter jets into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone today. Make no mistake, Taiwan wants peace but we will defend our people,” tweeted Lai Ching-te.

Earlier Taiwan Defence Ministry had said that Chinese fighter jets entered Taiwan’s southwestern region for two consecutive days. It added that Taiwan responded accordingly and urge PLA to practice restraint.

“Chinese fighter jets entered Taiwan’s southwestern ADIZ for two consecutive days. ROCAF responded accordingly and will continue to surveil the region. We urge both PLA to practise restraint and PRC to be a peacemaker and maintain regional stability,” the Taiwan Defence Ministry tweeted.

“Do not underestimate our determination and capacity to protect our country. PLA conducted military exercise in Taiwan southwestern ADIZ during these two days, threatening regional peace and aviation safety. Beijing should restrain PLA activities and maintain regional stability,” it further added.

China, which claims democratic Taiwan as its own, has stepped up military exercises near the island, in what Taipei views as intimidation to force it to accept Chinese rule. According to Reuters, Yeh Kuo-hui, from Taiwan`s defence ministry`s operations and planning department, told a hastily-arranged news conference that China`s intentions could not be predicted.

“We must make all preparations for war readiness,” Yeh said, following a news briefing from senior officers describing the Chinese activities over the last two days, and showing a map of Chinese movements.

The drills took place in Taiwan`s air defence identification zone, between mainland Taiwan and the Taiwan-controlled Pratas Islands, the ministry said. Taiwan says China sent advanced Su-30 and J-10 fighters to participate as per Reuters.

Taiwan Deputy Defence Minister Chang Che-ping said the drills threatened regional stability and endangered international aviation, he said. “We once again say, do not underestimate the military`s determination to defend our home. We are confident and capable of defending the country,” Chang told Reuters.

Taiwan`s Foreign Ministry said the government had shared “information related to China`s threat to key friendly nations”, a likely reference to the United States, Taiwan`s main arms supplier and most important international backer. Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen has warned of a rising risk of accidental conflict, saying communication must be maintained to cut the risk of miscalculation.

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