You will be surprised to know that only one teaspoon of coronavirus COVID-19 has infected the whole world. According to an estimate, the total amount of coronavirus around the world is about 8 milliliters which is equivalent to just one spoon of coronavirus.

The spoon has a capacity of about 6 millilters. It is surprising that only one teaspoon of coronavirus has infected more than 50 million people in the world so far.

Australian mathematician Matt Parker made this estimate based on a formula which has been created by him. Parker started his calculation with an estimate of the number of cells in each coronavirus patient, The Australian mathematician based this on the viral load measured from swabs. He calculated the number of people infetced with coronavoirus on the assumption that each person was infected for two weeks and at leasat 300,000 new cases are recorded daily.

“All the chaos in the world is down to a teaspoon’s worth of trouble,” he said on his podcast. “A virus particle is very small, it’s just the code to wreck other cells.”

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It is to be noted that the size of coronavirus is so small that you cannot see them with naked eyes. The size of a human cell is about 100 micrometers, which is equal to the width of a hair found on our head. The size of human cells is 10 million times the size of Covid-19 virus.

According to Parker, the coronavirus is actually a kind of computer code, which causes disturbances in the human system of cells. “A virus particle is very small, it’s just the code to wreck other cells,” he said. The COVID-19 has infected over 54 million people across the world so far and has caused the death of 1.32 million people.

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