The year 2020 has completely changed our lives as the brutal claws of the coronavirus has dug deep into the happiness and positivity in our lives. The COVID-19 has pushed us into a web of anxiety, fear and dark thoughts. 

Amid the pandemic, all we want is some glimmer of hope and a constant wish to go back to our old lives ditching the masks. A recent picture of a newborn on the internet is winning hearts radiating hope and positivity. The picture of the infant in a hospital has gone viral and become an emblem of hope.

In the photo, a newborn baby is seen trying to pull away the doctor’s surgical mask as he is holding the baby in his hand. The photo posted on Instagram on October 5 and the infant was likely born just a few minutes before the picture was taken.

This photo has been interpreted as a sign of a brighter tomorrow when the world will get rid of the mask and everyone can return to their normal mask-free lives. As the baby took its very first breaths in the world its left hand clutched the doctor’s mask. A newborn reaches out and takes away something that has come so close to symbolise the pandemic.

UAE-based gynaecologist Dr Samer Cheaib shared the picture which shows the newborn with her hand clasped around her doctor’s mask, pulling it off his smiling face.

The caption given by Dr Cheaib reads, “We all want (a) sign are we going to take off the mask soon (?)” The picture has become a viral hit and has garnered more than 26.2 thousand likes.

The photo has gone viral as many have dubbed it as a ‘symbol of hope’, while others said that it should be the photo of the year.

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