Sleipnir: “The Best Horse of All” in The Asgard

The Best Horse of All: Sleipnir – (Norse Myth)

The only child of Loki that I’ve yet to cover in a story, is the eight-legged horse Sleipnir, the son of Loki and the stallion Svadilfari. A slate neared his most famous will be in the horse that Odin rode into battle during Ragnarok. As well as whenever he ventured to the realm of Hell.

The horse is mentioned in both of the Eddas as well as in some of these sagas that followed. It’s also mentioned that he was the best of all horses, which is a fairly vague statement. But one can assume that it refers to his speed and loyalty.

Now, it may seem odd to say that Loki is Sleipnir’s father, because Svadilfari is a stallion, a male horse. So, technically he has two fathers but the real question is “how does a male Yotan and a male horse have a child?”

Well, Loki transformed himself into a mare and then mated Svadilfari, which in turn raises the question. Why would Loki transform himself into a female to then have sex with a horse and give birth to another horse with eight legs.

So, one day this unnamed builder arrives in Asgard and tells the gods that he can build them a huge wall to protect them from their enemies. In exchange he asked for the goddess Freya’s hand in marriage as well as the Sun and the Moon. So you know, nothing major. The gods discussed this offer and after some persuasion from Loki.

Sleipnir: Accident of Distraction & To Stop Promise

They decided to accept but only if the Builder could build the wall in three seasons. The spring, summer and autumn; with no assistance from any other man. The Builder then only had one request that he could use his horse to help him. This horse was the stallion Svadilfari, slaving his father.

As you may have guessed, the gods accepted his request. It turns out that this is no ordinary stallion. As the Builder began to make progress, his efforts were doubled by his horse. He was able to move twice the amount of rocks as his master. Making the impossible task of complete in the fortifications before winter quite possible.

With a few days left before the end of autumn, the Builder was on track to finish. So, the gods convened to discuss the issue. They concluded that it was Loki’s fault and if he did not find a way to stop the fortifications being built, then he would be sentenced to a horrible death.

That night as the Builder and his horse continued working tirelessly, a female horse appeared out of nowhere. Svadilfari began to give chase. The mysterious horse was indeed Loki in disguise. The Builder then spent the entire evening chasing after his horse. Meaning, the work on the fortification was delayed. This gave the gods enough time to realize that the Builder was actually a Yotan.

Loki Gave Birth to Sleipnir

Thor was summoned upon the discovery of that, all promises were broken. Thor then does what he does best. He took Mjölnir and smashed the giant skull to pieces. After an evening of being chased Loki then gave birth to Sleipnir. So we can assume that, at some point Loki mated of the stallion to delay the fortifications and to save himself.

So, Sleipnir was born, because Loki got himself into a situation, where turning into a horse and having sex with another horse. Seemed to be the best way out of it. All of that said Loki is fairly eccentric and definitely doesn’t have the most normal children. So, let me know how you feel the story on Norse Mythology.

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