Dogs Lovers: Something Simple For You To Try Today…

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All My Fellow Dogs Lovers

All over the world dogs are the favourite among all. Dogs loves you more than you love them.

Today I bring you a challenge!

As you know…I’m a fairly sociable person 🙂

woman playing with dog

And I’ve just come back from a festival away with a bunch of friends and family where I had an awesome break.

However it’s also been really interesting…

Because hanging out with such a diverse group of people has reminded me how much I love to relax when there is no noise around.

You see a lot of the time at this festival there would be lots of people; preparing food, chattering, talking, laughing, playing games, making noise and music etc etc…it was fun…BUT!

After a couple of hours I found I really needed a break, I needed to relax…to take some serious time out!

In fact I’m coming to realise as I get older just how much I enjoy a the peaceful sounds of nature…time when there is less noise.

That’s how I really relax and wind down.

The truth be known, I actually enjoy a lot of time alone. Just me and the dogs in nature…and my dogs seem to really enjoy it too…

We’ll go for long walks in the woods and very few words are spoken.

We’ll sit and look at the view together and be at peace…Just enjoying each others company… in silence.

girl doing yoga with her dog

Dogs owners : Are you getting the picture?

So how does that affect you at home with your dog?

Well…I think a lot of the time as humans we struggle to sit in silence…we find we have to be making noise, talking and interacting verbally with our dogs and other people.

We struggle to sit in silence…

But this constant communication with our four legged friends can often lead to them always being alert, waiting for our next communication…

They end up listening out for us 24×7, trying to understand all of our throw away comments.

The result is they don’t fully switch off like they could…


couple with their dog

So tomorrow, when you wake up I want you to see how long you can stay silent for when you are around your dogs.

Now this may seem odd but give it a go…because I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

That’s the only thing I’m asking you to do. Keep your mouth closed 🙂

So you can still feed them, pat them, cuddle them and walk them
(and of course if you need to call them you can, but say as little as possible.)

And as you are doing all of this monitor their energy.

See if you can stay silent for an hour or two, and notice if they are calmer than usual or more excited and stressed.

And by the end you may find you’ve discovered one of the simplest ways to calming your dogs down!

After that it’s up to you if you do it again, or do something similar such as simply cutting down the chit chat between you!

Have a peaceful day, All Dog Lovers!!!

P.S – I thought I would end with a quote today…

“Silence is one of the great arts of conversation.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

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