What Would An Antimatter Universe Look Like?

An Antimatter Universe

In horror films, a frequent theme is one in which the mirror image of a person exists. Separately it’s the exact opposite an evil entity that wants to destroy its master. On the other side of a mirror, the most amazing thing is that our universe has a similar evil twin. What is the mysterious mirror image of our universe and what happens if you go there?

In the theory of CPT symmetry the letters C and this abbreviation means “Conjugation of charges”. That is each elementary particle has a twin with an opposite charge. Anti-neutrons, electrons, anti-electrons or positrons and so on. Every particle discovered by scientists has a twin. The letter P implies the symmetry of space. That is all three directions in our 3d world have opposite directions. T respectively means that for the forward flow of time. There’s a symmetric flow in the opposite direction.

There was a similar symmetry right at the moment of the birth of our universe, in the first nano and pecos seconds after the Big Bang. Matter and antimatter were equally divided. A little later for every 1 billion particles and antiparticles. There was one extra particle now in the part of the universe that we are observing. No significant accumulations of antimatter have been detected.

Supersymmetry Theory Implied

Scientists wondered why this supersymmetry was broken and where this huge amount of antimatter disappeared – without a trace. In fact if the entire huge array of antimatter remained, our universe would have disappeared immediately after the Big Bang. After all, when an antiparticle meets a particle, a so-called annihilation occurs. Particles simply disappear in a flash of light with the release of a huge amount of energy.

Therefore, at first physicists assume that initially there was more matter. Antimatter and matter are mutually destroyed and excess matter formed the universe that we have now. But such a hypothesis has many mathematical inconsistencies, so I had to look for another explanation.

Canadian scientists from the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics led by Neil Turok have proposed their own theory. They came to the conclusion that immediately after the Big Bang, in one direction the universe arose that we know and live in. In the opposite direction, the anti universe was born.

It consists entirely of antimatter and time, in the anti universe goes from the future to the past. That is right now, there’s your antimatter copy, which sits upside down in front of an upturned computer. Already knows how this discussion will end, as it looks backwards in time.

When All With Antimatter In This Universe?

This raises many questions. What does life look like when everything is composed of antimatter? Can we ever make contact with the antimatter universe?

Scientists tried to answer this question by creating anti particles in laboratory. As early as 1932, the first positrons or anti electrons were discovered in cosmic rays. In 1955, scientists from Berkeley managed to obtain anti protons. Later thanks to advanced technologies, physicists were able to obtain not just antiparticles but whole anti-atoms, anti- helium and anti-hydrogen.

However, at first it was very difficult to study them. Anti-atoms collided with hydrogen atoms and after just 172 milliseconds were mutually destroyed. To prolong the existence of antiparticles, scientists use special electro-magnetic traps called the Quadrupole Loft Configuration. This works for a short time, prevents particles and antiparticles from coming into contact with and annihilating each other.

So in 2011, anti-hydrogen lasted as long as 1,000 seconds and in 2014, 80 antihydrogen atoms were created for the purpose of a detailed study. By 2022 scientists plan to construct a portable trap for antiparticles and then drive the antimatter in a truck several hundred meters to another site for further experiments. But still most studies have not yet been able to give clear answers about what exactly antimatter is?

However one thing is clear if by some miracle you managed to get into the anti universe, you are doomed. Since each cell of your body consists of ordinary matter. In the anti universe, you will explode with the release of a huge amount of energy and then disappear without a trace. Or vice versa with your presence, you might destroy all life on our twin planet in the anti universe.

Antimatter Power If Used With Its Cost

The fact is, the interaction of 1 gram or about 0.3 ounces of antimatter and matter is equal in strength to explosion with the power of 21.5 kilotons, which is slightly more than the power of The Fat Man dropped on Nagasaki. The average person has a mass of 165 pounds or 75 kilograms, which equals the explosive energy of approximately 76,786 Fat Man bombs. Therefore in any case a guest from the opposite universe will lead to disastrous consequences.

But guess what, nearly the same thing, only on a much smaller scale happens inside your body every hour. Together with food and air, you often get the radioactive potassium-40 isotope in your body. Interacting with your molecules, it begins to decay and emit positrons aka anti electrons. Thus, you emit 180 anti particles per hour, in about 4000 per day.

Antimatters In Ourselves

True, they’re instantly destroyed by ordinary matter and turned into gamma radiation. Such an amount of antimatter is really quite small but that’s all that will remain of you. After entering into the anti universe, if you manage to safely extract some material from the mirror world which could make you fabulously rich. Indeed, according to NASA estimates for 2006, one milligram of positrons or 0.015 grams cost about 25 million dollars. A gram of antihydrogen or 0.03 ounces in 1999, value of 62.5 trillion dollars.

It’s probably better to forget about such large sums of money. Because instead of money, you will suffer a painful and intense death. The second point and also the reason that it’s difficult to enter into the mirror world is time. The anti universe exists in time before the Big Bang. It’s located more than 14 billion years ago. Even if we learn how to safely approach antiparticles, we’ll need to find a way to travel far back into the past. Theoretically, time travel is possible but only within our universe at least for now.

However it’s entirely possible that you, I and all the people around us are living in the anti universe. Some physicists believe that no matter which side of the Big Bang our universe is on, will still perceive the environment as ordinary matter. The passage of time will only go forward, even if we’re on the opposite side.

Antimatter Makes Scientists Crazy In Every Point

It’s worth noting that even in the absence of contact with the anti universe, we constantly influence each other. Each time scientists create or destroy a new particle and antiparticle is born or dies. Accordingly as much as we would like even if contact with the anti universe is ever possible. It will end in mutual self-destruction. However, the very possibility of the existence of a mirror copy of our world and each of us, literally turns our worldview inside out.

However, a theory has recently appeared that could fully disprove the existence of the anti universe. The main evidence of its existence is based on the absence of a large amount of antimatter in our universe.

Antimatter Experiments Makes More Theories On Anti Universe

But researchers from the Brookhaven National Laboratory in the United States and the University of Kansas found on another explanation for this. According to their assumptions, the Higgs troika is to blame. It consists of three types of particles. The so-called Higgs bosons, one of which is known also as a god particle. They differ from the rest of the particles.

In that they produce an incredibly large amount of energy. As a result they decay within a short period of time creating a stream of particles of ordinary matter, which destroyed almost all antimatter in the universe. But out of the three alleged bosons- only one has been discovered so far. So the anti universe theory still could be true.

I am looking for your comments whichever universe you are coming from. Let’s make a discussion.

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